Willing Hearts
A Consignment Shop Fully Staffed by Volunteers for the Benefit of The Rotary Club of the Caldwells

                                Business Hours 
           Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10AM-5PM 
                        Thursdays 10AM - 8PM 
                          Saturday 10AM - 5PM

                           Consignment Hours
             Tuesday and Saturday 10AM-1:30PM
                              Thursdays 1-7PM
           Consigners must be in line 15 minutes before
           the end of the session:  1:15PM or 6:45PM

Willing Hearts
491 Bloomfield Avenue
Caldwell, NJ 07006
(973) 226-7488 | FAX (973) 226-0833







Willing Hearts is an amazing consignment shop staffed entirely by volunteers. It has an ever-changing collection of women's wear, household goods, and interesting antique and mid-century artifacts, often the products of up-scale manufactures. All the profits go to Rotary which uses the money for local and international assistance. Great shopping at reasonable, even cheap prices; profits to a good cause! What more could you want?" 
                                    - Charles W., January 27, 2010 

Willing Hearts
is a consignment shop managed and fully staffed by volunteers for the benefit of the Rotary Club of the Caldwells and its various projects and charities. We accept donations and certain merchandise on consignment. Recycling your treasures with us means you care enough about them, your community and our environment to give them a new life! 

Rotary Club service projects include "Help the Children Hear" which provides hearing aids for deaf children and "The Gift of Life", an international program for children and infants who need live-saving heart surgery. 


For more information about the Rotary Club of Caldwell, go to:  www.caldwellrotary.org

New consignors are now being enrolled.

Consignment tickets are pulled 15 minutes before the end of each consignment session.  Consignors must have a ticket in order to consign.  Therefore, consignors must be present at least 15 minutes prior to the end of each session in order to consign.


September 8:   Shop reopens - accepting fall clothing and lightweight coats, jackets, & sweaters - no winter clothing
October 13:       Halloween items and Winter coats, jackets, sweaters accepted
November 3:     Thanksgiving, Hannakah, Christmas items accepted
December 19:   Last business day before holiday vacation
January 5:          Re-open after holidays

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